Why can't Gay men be just friends?

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Why can't Gay men be just friends?

Postby CareXOAdmin » Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:56 pm

Ever go dating online? Just about everyone's profile says something like "looking to make new friends" (among other things). Why is it when these guys are approached as friends, it turns into a hookup conversation? Asking for "pics", "stats", "how hung?" and "what are you into?" ... wait a minute. I asked if you were looking for platonic friends, why do you need to know whats in my pants? Why do I have to look a certain way?

There are also the guys who post "Looking for friends only" and have a seemingly sweet profile and sound like they would be awesome movie buddies, or bar hopping wing-men. In reality, they are looking for "hot" friends, or "cute friends that I would actually want to sleep with or date".

Try this experiment, post a 'hot magazine model' pic in your profile and state that you're only looking for friends, message someone looking for only friends, then post an 'average' pic and see which gets responded to. Oh and before you flame this suggestion - we all know a good 50% of those headless profile pics are fake, or are 4-5+ years old anyway. A little experiment won't break the internet. Not ashamed to say among the many cultural experiments I've conducted the results of this one is as expected far more often than not. Tell me what your results are.

What ever happened to liking and making your friends for who they are? The LGBT community (at least on the male side) can be particularly vain and shallow, not to mention heavily judgmental and immature. If we hope for equality, and hope to win this battle, perhaps we should look inward.
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