Barebacking because he says he's allergic to latex?

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Barebacking because he says he's allergic to latex?

Postby soulsercha » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:13 am

Every now and then in the "dating" and hookup world you come across someone who claims "I only bareback because I'm allergic to latex". Old trick still being used for those who simply "prefer" to bareback but would rather not go through the hassle of debating the issue via text on Grindr or Jack'd with a "potential" partner for the night. First you read that statement, skip back to their profile picture using their attractiveness as a measure of risk because the reason you're even considering it is because they think they are "hot". Inevitably as studies have shown more often than not after quick and questionable rationalization the reply is "Ok".

While latex allergies are real they occur in less than 1% of the entire population. Significant amount? Sure. Reason to have unprotected sex? No. Perhaps that rash around the private parts was in fact something else and not the latex? I would argue few if any of those claiming "latex allergies" have ever gone through the trouble of having that verified by a physician. There are alternatives out there if an allergy is suspected, such as lamb skin or polyurethane if in fact this is the case. And if you are aware of such allergies then YOU should make sure you keep plenty of these alternative condoms on hand for your sexual encounters.

One could think of it this way as well: This person has decided while recognizing an allergy, that instead of picking up some alternative condoms at just about any corner market to prevent the spread of HIV, AIDS and STDs, he (or she) has decided they would rather hook up online with random partners in the "raw" with no protection at all. If they can't be bothered to take such a simple step as buying a lamb skin condom to protect themselves, chances are they haven't bothered to get an HIV or STD test in the time between their last hookup and meeting you. Think about that one.

If you meet someone who claims they only bareback because of a latex allergy, it's a safe bet with so many alternatives out there that an allergy is genuinely not the only reason they want you to bareback with them. Bare-backing is not the devil, don't get me wrong. Done safely and monogamously with someone you love and trust is the the utopian ideal but we don't live in that world. The being the case we have to be a little more realistic and smart with our choices.

Use your head (the one on your shoulders). Know your status and protect it.
Box of lamb skin condoms, you can find these anywhere.
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